Students are eligible for election to the National Junior Honor Society, will have maintained an average of 90% or better for 7th grade. Final averages for English, math, science, and social studies, along with specials combined to equal one total class will constitute this average.  They will also need to have an average of 90% or above for the first two marking terms of 8th grade. Candidates who have met the requirements stated shall be notified of their eligibility by the advisor(s) of the National Junior Honor Society. It shall be the responsibility of the candidate to obtain from the NJHS advisor(s) the necessary application form for admission consideration. Students must obtain, complete, and return any and all application forms to the advisor(s) of the NJHS within 7 days following their eligibility notification. The forms will then be reviewed by the faculty council, which shall be appointed by the Principal.  All disciplinary records will also be subject to review.

Who We Are

Jr. Honor Society Advisor
Mrs. Nancee Roy