World Language Department  at Quabbin consists of Spanish, French and American Sign Language. We are a close-knit department  that works with the same mindset that Culture and World Language is an important component in education and subsequently, in the world. To be a Global Learner in the 21st  century , we have to have knowledge of other countries, cultures, language and traditions.

French and Spanish  have four year course offerings that include IB Standard Level and Higher Level. American Sign Language has three year course offerings but does not have IB and cannot be taken to obtain an IB diploma. The state of Massachusetts requires students to take two years of a world language in order to receive their high school diploma. At Quabbin, for Spanish and French, this looks like Spanish Ab Initio 1-3 and the student’s choice of the four offered IB Standard Level course.

Students who choose to continue their world language journey may also enroll in some or all of the remaining IBSL courses and IB Higher Level courses beyond that, if they so choose. For American Sign Language, to meet the graduation requirement students would complete ASL 1-4. 

In Spanish and French IBSL/HL courses, students have the opportunity to view content in the target language from countries that speak their language of study. This includes news articles, scholarly texts, documentaries and more. This high-level content allows us to deeply dive into the cultural tendencies and current events of these areas, creating well-rounded, culturally appreciative students with an awareness of the world around them.

Who We Are

Academic Coordinator - World Language
Becca Cooley
(978) 355 4651 x 000